Friday, March 30, 2007

No More HTML Viewing?

The day before yesterday I read an article on Saving View Source. Nearly all the new webpages compliant to AJAX nowadays do not offer any HTML code in thier Source. Instead they generate them dynamically at client end using Javascript thus reducing the Servers TODO list of dishing out HTML code to the requestor. The best example to see this in action is the GMAIL page. If you do a view source, you see a single line of Javascript call doing all what it wants to do.

I like this new approach even though it may require more maintenance efforts and remains difficult to debug and write during development. Why? There are certain great advantages it has:
1. It's not easy to steal your webpage's look, feel, functionality and identity (Though it is very much possible using tools like Firebug) .
2. Makes it tough to be hacked (though maybe not that much but still may be for novice it does act as a detterent)
3. A lot of Page Logic remains on the client so the responses to actions is quicker thus providing better End user experience.

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